How to Find an Effective Back Pain Management Facility

Managing chronic back pain can present several obstacles for a patient recovering from a personal injury incident. Insurance coverage may be limited and upfront costs can be significant. Ultimately you have to find a facility that has the infrastructure to meet your needs. Their mission has to be to provide an effective initial evaluation and to develop a treatment plan in order to increase functionality, improve quality of life and decrease your suffering. Be sure your prospective provider conducts a thorough assessment that includes a complete pain history and treatment history. With this information they can generate a treatment program that is tailored to your needs specifically. At most facilities the scope of services ranges from the most conservative pain control management techniques to the most complex interventional pain procedures. Some are even performed under video fluoroscopy in an outpatient surgical setting. Other methods might include epidural steroid injections, diagnostic nerve blocks, physical therapy and rehabilitative medicine, a celiac/splanchnic plexus block, chemo denervation with botox or myobloc and even an intra thecal pump implant. Click here to find out more about spinal stenosis Frisco.

The injuries that can necessitate this treat are vast but can include spinal stenosis that causes sciatic nerve pain, a pinched nerve from a herniated disc or even spondylosis. Often the next hurdle for a patient after an effective treatment plan is put in place is getting refills for prescriptions. Aside from getting the actual prescription you may be required to have urinalysis done periodically to ensure your compliance with the treatment plan. Be sure to discuss this with your pain management provider before retaining their services. Not doing so can have many unforeseen consequences. Remember that whomever you decide to go with will be a part of your life for a fairly long time. They require your commitment just as much as you require theirs. Switching pain management facilities often can give the impression of impropriety on your part and can negatively impact any sort of legal case you may be a party to or cause a health insurance company to question your treatment. This could lead to you being cut off from the care you desperately need with little recourse. Be thorough when deciding on a back pain management physician or facility. Find a group of caring professionals that has the experience and knowledge to back pain relief and make you feel like a friend and not just a patient.